Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Treatment?

We are a high-quality private, self-pay treatment center. This means that the level and duration of our services is not limited by any opinion or cut-off point from a third party. Rather, it is determined by meeting the needs of our patients and families in a way that can provide the best chances of success.

Some of our patients/families have opted to speak with a claims advocacy and management company that can assist in navigating through the insurance reimbursement process. For your convenience, here are two options for your consideration. Please note that any contract you may enter with either of them is solely between you and that company.


We are not directly associated with either or represent in any way that they will be able to obtain reimbursement for our services; nor may we be held responsible for their work.


SJ Health Insurance Advocates

30 Columbia Turnpinke Suite 310

Florham Park, NH 07932


Contact: Scott Leshin

Office number: 973-740-0023

E-mail: sl@sjhia.com


Axis Insurance Revenue Growth

Axis Billing


Contact: AJ Busch and Peter Busch

Office number: 888-623-5535 ext 103

E-mail: peter@axisirg.com

If you are considering seeking coverage for our services from your insurance company, we strongly recommend speaking with their representative and fully understanding what the availability and terms of any potential reimbursement are PRIOR to beginning treatment at NBI.


Of course, we are happy to provide you with an itemized statement with diagnostic information, CPT codes and our Tax ID to submit to your insurance provider upon request.