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A supported living program for adults 18+ suffering from Social Anxiety,
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
and related conditions.

NBI Ranch is for adults suffering from Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Related Conditions who would benefit from a supported living program in addition to their intensive treatment at NBI.

The program provides structure, support, socialization and activities that help residents find a path to a better life.


About Us

NBI Ranch is in Southwest Ranches, Florida, a serene and beautiful rural town just west of Fort Lauderdale and north of Miami. It's a great setting to start changing your life.


Together, NBI Ranch founders Drs. Katia Moritz and Jonathan Hoffman have over 50 years of experience and dedication to patients and families impacted by severe Anxiety, OCD and Related Conditions. Overseeing the Ranch Team, they are actively engaged in each resident's care plan.

NBI Ranch is a supported living experience that provides residents with the chance to practice and generalize what they are learning each day in treatment while going about their lives in an enriching and normalized environment. 

NBI Ranch serves individuals and families locally and from around the world. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Afrikaans are spoken.

Virtual Exposure-Based Therapy Group (1)

Reasons Why People Come to NBI Ranch:

  • Have social or emotional issues to address in addition to their primary symptoms

  • Require a higher level of structure and support

  • Would benefit from social skills training

  • Can't make gains in home environment

  • Need extra help bringing clinical progress into “real life”

  • Are “stepping down” gradually from more restrictive setting

NBI Ranch Overview

  • Average length of stay is 30 - 90 days

  • Provides support in activities of daily living

  • Shorter-term "booster" and "step-down" stays are available

  • Observations and data from the Ranch and treatment are shared daily creating a synergy for progress

  • Anxiety & OCD Management skills are practiced and reinforced

  • Learn to live and enjoy life again!


Healthy Lifestyles Begin at NBI Ranch

One of NBI Ranch’s goals is for residents to have a sense of independence, capability and adventure. Residents are offered nature-based and wellness-enhancing activities, including equine therapy, cultivating the vegetable garden and CBT yoga. Together, residents prepare meals and take care of common living spaces. NBI Ranch is the perfect place to start making your life enjoyable again.

Admission Criteria

Residents are adults with a primary diagnosis of Anxiety, OCD and/or related condition. They must be non-violent nor at imminent risk to self; not acutely psychotic; no history of fire-setting or similar endangerment; able to manage medication(s) independently; can “come and go” without undue risk and have a sufficient “readiness for change.”  


Is NBI Ranch The Right Fit?

For NBI Ranch residents, even the most effective clinical treatment alone would be insufficient. There’s a bigger picture. Many have been impacted by extended periods of social isolation. Some, after years of their symptoms being overly accommodated, are difficult to engage, have not learned to properly care for themselves, take initiative, or adhere to a healthy dietary or sleep schedule. Others have lost the joy of life and literally need to learn how to have fun.


NBI Ranch is a place where young adults who have been “beaten down” by Anxiety and OCD Related Conditions can experience mutual support and understanding from peers “who can relate to what they are going through” and start their path toward being an adult not just in name, but in actuality.

Meet our In-House Team

At the frontline of NBI Ranch, Residential Counselors ensure safety and security as well as troubleshoot and communicate any issues that may arise. Always on-premises and awake 24/7, RCs have degrees in related fields and foster teamwork, social communication and problem-solving skills.

The in-house team provides each resident's clinical team at NBI with meaningful data collected daily as designated by a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst. The integration of this information creates the synergy between treatment at NBI and life at NBI Ranch, thereby improving the prognosis for residents to successfully return home or move on to a “next steps” program.


Annette M. Nagle, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Associate Director at NBI Ranch

P2133888-46 (1).jpg

Meet our Operations & Case Management Staff 

Jared headshot_edited.jpg

Jared,  B.A.

Ranch Case Manager

JP  pic IMG_1237.jpg

Jean-Paul, M.A.

Head Residential Counselor

Meet The Residential Counselors (RC's)

Alexandra F RC .jpg
Will noel RC_edited.jpg


Residential Counselor

Alexandra, M.S.

Residential Counselor

Will, MSW

Residential Counselor

Alex Kazdan NBI_edited.jpg

Alex, B.A.

Residential Counselor

Sheela Josh RC_edited.jpg

Sheela, M.S.

Residential Counselor

Adriana Wilson RC head shot.jpeg

Adriana, M.S.

Residential Counselor

Jocelyn RC.png


Residential Counselor

Ciana RC pic IMG_1234.jpg

Ciana, B.S.

Residential Counselor

Jenny RC.jpg

Jennifer, M.S.

Residential Counselor

Angela  Pitts pic.jpeg


Residential Counselor

Gabriel RC.jpg


Residential Counselor

Kelly Graves RC pic.jpg

Kelly, B. S.

Residential Counselor

Samy RC pic_edited.jpg

Samantha, B.S.

Residential Counselor

Ini RC_edited.jpg

Iniobong, MSW

Residential Counselor

Meet Your NBI Clinical Team

Our Team

The Relationship Between NBI Ranch and NBI

NBI Ranch and NBI are different settings that share a mission of hope - helping sufferers of Anxiety and OCD Related Conditions function and live life to its greatest potential. For over twenty years NBI has been internationally recognized as a treatment and training center. NBI Ranch was created out of the understanding that treatment will not work for many individuals unless their challenges in living are also addressed.

The comprehensive intensive treatment program at NBI emphasizes proven and leading-edge evidence-supported techniques. The program includes assessments and diagnostics, individual therapy, therapeutic groups, nutritional services as well as a strong parent/family component.

NBI Treats:

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Children, Adolescents and Adults

  • OCD Related Disorders - BDD, Trichotillomania, Skin-Picking, Hoarding

  • Anxiety Disorders - Social Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, PTSD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Mood Disorders

  • Emotional Dysregulation

  • Personality Disorders

  • Tourette Syndrome and Tics

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Depression

  • Stress-Related Issues

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Disruptive Behaviors

  • Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders

  • Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders


  • School Refusal

  • Young Adult Failure to Launch

A Day In The Life Of NBI Ranch

The RCs also guide excursions and activities in the community, such as indoor skydiving, go-cart racing, art classes, or a day at the beach. We recognize putting your “regular life” on hold to seek treatment can be a brave and emotional choice. Our RCs understand that as well and are happily available anytime to listen to any struggles you may be having outside of treatment hours.


NBI Ranch is a trusted provider for patients, families, doctors and therapeutic placement consultants around the world.


The excellent care I received at the hands of NBI’s skilled and experienced practitioners made a real difference.


There are absolutely no words to describe how grateful I am to NBI for literally saving my life.


The therapists went above and beyond and I was challenged in new ways. My life changed for the better, plain and simple.


NBI has changed my life and i am so grateful to Dr. Moritz, Dr. Bechor, and the entire NBI team.


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